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Should I speak with the police? 

If you believe that you are a suspect in any crime, you should NEVER speak with the police without consulting with an experienced criminal defense lawyer first. You have a constitutional right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself. 

Are you the best criminal attorney for me? 

A strong attorney will have in-depth knowledge of how the criminal justice system works, including laws that are relevant to your case, methods for possibly getting evidence barred from court, grounds for getting charges dropped or reduced, diversion programs that you might be eligible for and much more. The right lawyer can help you look for weaknesses in the prosecution's case that can greatly strengthen your defense strategy. That’s why calling Geoff Heitman is your best choice. Of course, it is important to find an attorney with a lot experience and relationships with area court officials, built on years of respect and trust. And that gives Mr. Heitman the edge over many other choices. He is smart and highly skilled and, best of all, he’ll be with you every step of the way.. 

What do I do if I'm being investigated for an alleged crime? 

You should not answer any questions by law enforcement without having an attorney present (The same rule applies after an arrest occurs). While you might think that you are simply defending yourself or clarifying the situation, simple statements can later be twisted around and used against you in court. With the help of a skilled lawyer, you might be able to avoid being arrested or charged—such as when the attorney proves to law enforcement or prosecutors that there is not enough evidence to make a case against you. 

What does it cost to hire you? 

It's impossible to give a definitive answer. But it will always involve the complexity of the case. A serious felony will cost far more than a misdemeanors just because of the length of time and possible court appearances. 

A substantial portion of the fee is paid up front, but we can work out payment arrangements in certain circumstances.

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